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    Welcome to Pellō. It's time to connect your consumers directly to your next big thing.

  • Who is Pellō?

    Our specialists design and execute live experiences that directly communicate your goals. Accordingly, we dedicate our expansive production, logistics and marketing resources to the creation of peerless live events. Pello is a partner to connect your consumers with your next “big thing.” With Pello as a partner, your consumer can experience the full power of your brand.

  • What Do We Do?

    Explore how the Pellō team can help take your next big thing to the next level.

    Event Management

    Meetings| Conventions| Audio Visual| Event Production ​

    Pello employs event specialists dedicated to advanced event management strategies, audio visual design and production to achieve your core objectives.

    Experiential Marketing

    Mobile Tours| Pop up Shops| Brand Ambassadors​

    As the world moves to a digital platform, Pello understands the importance of getting your product in front of your buyers. B2B or B2C, Pello experiential marketing strategists engage your audience in a unique and memorable way.

    Tradeshow Design and Management

    Booth Builds| Tradeshow Management| Logistics​| Brand Ambasadors

    Each tradeshow event is an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with your target audience; the customers, partners, and analysts that drive your business. Pello specializes in facilitating those conversations and connections in the tradeshow arena. Our concept design to implimentation approach allows Pello to ensure that your brand stands out in a sea of tradeshow booths.

    Campaign Marketing

    Digital| Print| On-Air| Live

    Creativity is the most valuable currency in our industry, and we are fortunate to partner with some of the most creative minds in the world. From nationwide campaigns with Waste Management and AMN Healthcare to supporting global marketing efforts for Sony, Qualcomm, and Microsoft , our clients are reaching incredible heights with Pello. Pello is proud to create multi-channel marketing strategies to help them soar.

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    Featured: Comic-Con Then and now.

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